Shine bright this Eid with THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Shine bright this Eid with THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Hello neighbors out there, 

We are back and coming up with sassy news to all the neighbors! this Eid season we are coming up with brand new bold colorful designs. Our designer is getting creative each season, impressing us with new designs and combining multiple fabrics together. This season we got our fabrics from more than one manufacturer the fact that we are trying to think out of the box by choosing each different and unique fabric which makes us bring the mix & match concept to life. The designer wants something so bold yet so attractive in a way that each fabric get along with one another in terms of colors and patterns; and most importantly it has to suit the grand occasion we are anticipating. The fabrics are floral and colorful, the color chart we agreed on was candy apple red tones & blue purple "tory blue"  kind of colors.  


Another big news. We are beyond happy to announce that we are finally going to start new exclusive / premium THE NEIGHBORHOOD line. This line will have few touches of our own; We mean by that our designs will finally have THE NEIGHBORHOOD identity. Unfortunately at this moment our team is refusing to share the identity we are referring. but sooner or later we will be launching, and our neighbors will be the first to know. So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled because trust us when we say  "it's worth the wait".  


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