Our designer forecast the latest fashion trends!

Our designer forecast the latest fashion trends!

We are so excited to announce to all the neighbors out there that THE NEIGHBORHOOD designer has officially started Ramadan collection for this year, and we would love to share some photos with our followers on Instagram page. 

Let us tell you more about this collection. This time our designer was insisting to give a try to a new fabric manufacturer, so THE NEIGHBORHOOD team informed the manufacturer to supply us with all the fabrics the designer requested.  As our neighbors know that we truly care about the quality of the fabrics we use, its never about creating fast fashion with low quality materials, but making clothes from high standard using the best quality materials. This extra care that our designer and us are taking from choosing the fabric to releasing the final product, this effort is shown next to lower quality products, and we mean by that the "mass produced supermarkets". Although they are making bulky productions, they lack the quality of real things.


The act of predicting fashion trends is always a hard thing to do for designers, so finding out where the consumer is getting inspired, hearing from all the consumers about their kind of taste and using data from past trends to anticipate future opportunities are the main secrets for trend forecasting, and for sure THE NEIGHBORHOOD didn't miss this year's trends. check out our instagram stories for more details.

Our first ramadan collection for this year, THE NEIGHBORHOOD'S designer used light blues with a touch of purple. After many researches about trend forecasting we finally decided that we are going to choose this color for this season of the year. We hope that you admire the collection as much as we admire you!

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